How-to Login to the Support Portal

If you are trying to access the Support Portal for the first time, you may see one of the following two screens:

Image 568


Image 577

In order to access the full content of the Xyntax Support Portal, you must first create an account, using an authorized email address. To create an account, please use your your corporate email address (e.g. *

Important! -- Email addresses ending in or are not allowed.

To register:

1. Click on Sign in/SIgn up.

Image 578

Image 571

2. In Email, enter your work email (e.g.

3. In Name, enter your Fullname (e.g. Jane Doe).

4. Click Sign Up.

Once you click "Sign up" the system will send you an automatic registration email.

Image 579

5. Click the Set Password link.

6. Scroll down to near the bottom to enter/confirm your Password.

7. Click Save.

Once verified, go back to

8. Click Sign in.

9. Enter your Email Address.
10. Enter your Password.

That's it your in.