Networking Requirements

Whether you’re replacing a legacy Xyntax server, or converting to Xyntax for the first time, the first step is to have both your “on-site”technician, and if different, your “network” technician contact us directly.

Important! -- If your network service is managed by a third-party network management service provider you must contact your service provider prior to installation and request that the service provider to contact Xyntax Support Staff as soon as possible.

Network Requirements

Xyntax network requirements are as follows:

LAN 1000BASE-T gigabit ethernet or better recommended; 100BASE-T may be used.
WAN 100 Mbps+ connection using TCP/IP protocol.
Internet Broadband internet connection or better.
*Internet speeds and bandwidth capacity should be dependant on user load.

Networking Impact
Once operational, Xyntax should have little or no effect on your existing network infrastructure. However the overall performance and response time of your Xyntax system is contingent on your network and internet connection speeds.

If you are experiencing slow or delayed response times from the server, have your technician make sure you have an adequate and stable connection exists between all of your networked computers and the Xyntax server.

With Xyntax, all heavy analytical and reporting operations are processed on the server. Once compiled, information is sent through your local area network to your workstation. Therefore, having a fast and reliable (preferably wired) connection, to the Xyntax server, is essential.

Important! -- If you have outlying buildings or departments, that don’t have the luxury of a direct wired connection, then a fast and reliable internet connection becomes even more important when trying to connect into the Xyntax system.

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