Why is Xyntax Cheque Stock Blank?

All Xyntax Laser Cheque stock is blank and includes no banking information.

This provides two benefits. First, the costs associated for preprinted cheques where all the necessary banking information is included can be very costly. Secondly, if you wish to switch banks or start using a new bank account, new cheques must be ordered. This is not the case with blank cheque stock.

With Xyntax, all the payee information, logos, cheque dates, cheque numbers, and banking information, is printed simultaneously by the system.

Xyntax Laser Cheques also include the special font required to represent your banking information (the bank transit and account numbers) found at the bottom of the cheque. The banks require this information in order for payments to be processed, and that it be produced using magnetic ink. This way the bank’s processing equipment can read this information without operator intervention.